Happenings within Banff Trail

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Hall Info

contact the Hall Manager (Eileen Arthur) for information on renting

main hall, boardroom, gazebo, or basement (will be redeveloped in 2015)

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for Hall Rental inquiries, please contact the Hall Manager (Eileen Arthur)
P:  403.282.2234


Citizen Alert:  We are alerting citizens to a spring clean-up scam by a male and female offering this service for a fee on behalf of a church.  They start the work then state they have to come back with equipment to complete the job and never do. Citizens are asked to be vigilant and not to give anyone any money unless they are dealing with a reputable organization or trusted individual

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Who Are We? The Banff Trail Community Association (BTCA) is a not for profit community organization run by many dedicated volunteers who have proudly served the residents of our community for over fifty years. The scope of our work involves the provision of recreational and educational programs and events as well as representation around many issues in our community including transportation, development and parks and green space. Like all community associations in Calgary, the BTCA serves as a conduit to City Hall as the voice for our residents. This website is a common place for all the members of the Banff Trail Community to keep in touch with local events. Additionally our community hall is available for rentals for various purposes. We hope you will visit this site often to keep up to date with the happenings in Banff Trail.

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2 comments on “Home”

  1. Danny Foster Reply

    I would like to rent your upstairs room on Sunday August 24, 2014 if available. If not available, I would look at Saturday August 23, 2014.

    Many thanks,


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